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  1. New Client: Sign up a Client Portal account.

    Existing Client: Proceed to Step 2.

  2. Login to Client Portal, click on  to join and you will receive an email notification with MT4 login details.

  3. Download MT4 platform or use the web version.

  4. Start trading on MT4 with a min. initial deposit of $500.

  5. Get the highest gain to win a prize and you will be listed on Tradesocio.


1. To be qualified as one of the winners, the Client has to fulfil the following requirements during the contest period.

STP Account:

        a. Each trading account must place at least 20 tickets including both opened and closed tickets.
        b. Equity should be 500 USD and above.

2. The leverage is fixed at 1:300.

3. All prizes will be a payout to the same MT4 live account used during the Trading Contest.

4. The prizes may take about 5 working days to reach the MT4 live account after the end of the Trading Contest.

5. Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions JOIN CONTEST


Top 13 contestants will be announced every Wednesday and Friday.
RankNameGain %
1 Mohammad Amirul 986
2 Khoo Koon Teck 962
3 Stephen Douglas 918
4 Mark Garcia 851
5 Nguyen Van Thanh 843
6 Ali Amrai 805
7 Nelson Jacob Austine 558
8 Patrick Isaac David 409
9 Chang Kung Chun 299
10 Lam Tiong Nam 258
11 Christos Antoniou 174
12 Liu Tianwen 113
13 Anand Singh 83
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