TradeSocio is a social platform that provides investors with a hassle-free opportunity to explore financial markets. Gain access to the latest trading news and reports from the global community and make well-informed investment decisions. With the combination of social trading and fund management technology, you can aspire to become a successful trade leader or a follower.

Funding Management

Maximize your profit potential and diversify risk with TradeSocio Investor. It offers each investor full technological interface to achieve the objectives and streamline the investment process.

Social Trading Platform

Build your global network where investors can connect. TradeSocio Funds allows investors to set up funds flexibly as a professional trader or fund manager. You can easily tailor your investment approach to suit your business model.

  • Access full detailed performance analytics
  • Set up risk management for each distribution
  • View and track investment with real-time reporting
  • Connect with TradeSocio Community

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