FX88 will Change to Anzo Capital  

  • 28 Maj 2018

Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to announce that from 4th June 2018, FX88 will change its branding name to “Anzo Capital”. This change is to accommodate our growing global business direction and to unify our brand and company name. However, FX88 trademark and the business of FX88 will be retained.

As a consequence, kindly take note of all the changes below.

1. We are revamping our website and it will launch on 4th June 2018.

2. “Anzo Capital” will be reflected on all our website, application forms, newsletters, email addresses and social media. It can be expected to be fully transitioned from June 2018 onwards.

3. This brand name change will not affect all existing trading accounts and our company will continue to operate in its current structure.

Along with the new identity, we anticipate this change underlines our continuation of driving innovations, products and services quality which will cover all stages of the trade from the point where the client places their order on the platform to the liquidity technology and even more tight spreads and competitive pricing. The new website will also be designed to improve user experience with a streamlined registration process and a simple, intuitive interface.

We appreciate your continued support, and our commitment to our clients has always been our highest priority. We look forward to sharing our new look with you on 4th June 2018!

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