Multi Account Manager (MAM/PAMM) is an integrated software tool that enables a single trader to control an unlimited number of managed accounts operating under a master account. It is the most efficient solution designed specifically for Money Managers to manage all of your trading accounts. With the convenience of automation and wide-ranging functionalities available in the software, you can now focus on executing your trading strategy.


  • Control all the managed accounts from a Single Interface
  • Compatible with EAs (Expert Advisors) and automated strategies
  • Create multiple trading sub-groups for a variety of strategies
  • Unlimited number of trading accounts
  • Utilize all MT4 order types
  • Monitor commissions and performance in real time

MAM/PAMM supports 6 allocation methods:

  • Lot Allocation
  • Percentage Allocation
  • Proportional by Balance Allocation
  • Proportional by Equity Allocation
  • Equity Percentage Allocation
  • Allocation by Equal Risk

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