As a FX and CFD broker providing margin trading in financial derivatives, our main revenue comes from the small mark up on the spreads of the underlying market price of the asset. A spread refers to the difference between the buying (ask) price and selling (bid) price of the asset. With the spreads marked up, traders will always buy at a rate that is a little higher or sell at a slightly lower rate than the market price.

For example, if EURUSD is trading at an ask price of 1.14322 and bid price of 1.14321 and has a two point spread mark up, it might have an ask price of 1.14323 and a bid price of 1.14320.


By making our income through spreads, we do not profit from your loss. This is possible in two ways.

Firstly, clients’ trade offset each other, with some going short and some long.

Secondly, there may be a large volume of clients that trade in the one same direction from time to time. In this case, we protect our risks by hedging on the underlying market through our multiple liquidity providers.

Other potential charges that could make up a minor contribution to our overall revenue include:

  • Trading commission charges on trades
  • Mark Up on overnight swap charges

Anzo Capital’s objective is to be a premier destination for traders, and that means to provide you with a secure trading environment, the best possible support service, and a pleasant and successful trading experience.

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