Learn to trade with our Forex Guide.

Understand how trading works and the basic terminology of the Forex market to get started.


  1. What is Forex
  2. Advantages of Forex Trading
  3. Currency Pairs Categories
  4. Forex Trading Sessions
  5. How to Read a Quote
  6. Spread, Pips, and Lot
  7. Margin, Leverage and Rollover
  8. Calculating Profit and Loss

Understand Forex Basics with our Forex Beginner Guide.

This guide will cover the basics that every trader needs to understand before they start investing in the financial markets.


  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Employment Data
  3. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  4. Interest Rates
  5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  6. Economic Calendar
  7. High Impact Events
  8. Introduction to Technical Analysis
  9. Trend Analysis
  10. An Uptrend
  11. A Downtrend
  12. A Ranging Chart
  13. Candlestick

Understand Chart Patterns with our Forex Intermediate Guide.

A chart pattern is a distinct formation creating a trending signal or sign of future price movements.


  1. Key Charts Patterns that Every Trader Needs to Know
  2. Continuation Patterns
  3. Reversal Patterns
  4. Statistical Indicators
  5. Support and Resistance
  6. Fibonacci Retracement
  7. Moving Averages

Understand candlestick patterns with our Forex Advanced Guide.

Learn to master candlestick charting patterns and identify buy and sell opportunities.


  1. Candlestick Patterns
  2. Doji Patterns
  3. Doji Patterns Advanced
  4. Advanced Reversal Patterns
  5. Buy and Sell Signals

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