Live Account Comparison

Min. Deposit** Above 100 Above 500
MT4/MT5 Base Currency EUR, USD EUR, USD
Leverage Level Up to 1 : 1000* Up to 1 : 500*
Fixed/ Floating Floating Floating
Minimum Lot Size 0.01 0.01
Lots Increment 0.01 0.01
Maximum Trade Size 50 50
Margin Call 80% 80%
Stop Out 50% 50%
Commission No $4USD/lot RT, €4EUR/lot RT
Trading Platforms
Mobile MT4/MT5 MT4/MT5
Webtrader MT4/MT5 MT4/MT5
Desktop MT4/MT5 MT4/MT5
Trading Services
Support EA Yes Yes
Training Guidance Yes Yes
Free News and Research Yes Yes
24/5 Dedicated Account Manager No Yes
Accounts Types
Individual Yes Yes
Joint Yes Yes
Corporate No Yes


Leverage will be adjusted according to the account’s equity amount.

Leverage Ratio
Trading Instruments Maximum Leverage Ratio
Equity < USD$5,000 Equity > USD$5,000
Major/Minor Forex 1:1000 1:500
Exotic Forex 1:100 1:50
Gold 1:1000 1:500
Silver 1:200 1:100
Oil 1:200 1:100
Index 1:200 1:100


^Spreads may increase depending on market conditions. 
^The aforementioned leverage ratio applies to all types of trading accounts, including STP and ECN.

The future of the Foreign Exchange market is an Electronic communication network. The main function of ECN is to bridge the link between small market participants and the liquidity provider using a broker. ECN is a technically advanced way of trading which involves the use of the sophisticated technology called FIX protocol. The brokers work taking two sides into consideration- one is when they obtain liquidity from the providers and make that available to the traders and on the other where the clients make offers for execution on this liquidity. The ECN account forex is required by the clients to deal with the market using this technology.

The ECN account forex allows the people to deal in the commodities traded. The ECN makes an automated match and ensures that the orders are completed. The best thing about ECN trading is that since it is automated and uses high-quality technology and the networks can be accessed even after the normal working hours.

ECN works on a specific model and thus the brokers never go against the clients and they also charge a fee for the service. There is a lot of efficiencies hence the fees that is paid are kept minimum and is able to maintain it for long.

The ECN trading is anonymous and allows the traders to enjoy the price benefits as at all times there is always real-time market situation. The forex trading using this platform is executed immediately. There is an immediate confirmation of the trades made and the best prices are presented for trade. Forex trading has taken a whole new turn using the new technology. The immediate execution is made as there is no hindrance and the traders get price benefits as the model ensures that the price makers stay at an arm’s length.

There are a lot of features about ECN Forex and if you wish to read more about it then use Anzo Capital for it.

ECN is the way of linking the equity providers with the smaller participants in the market. It connects you with other traders and liquidity providers around the world. This eliminates the role of a traditional middleman. ECN is suitable for traders who prefer to trade outside traditional trading hours and enjoy the flexibility offered by wider availability.

There are many advantages of ECN Forex account as listed below.

  • You get full transparency of trading as the broker connects you directly to the other market participants.
  • At the time of high market volatility, you don't need to worry about the spreads as they would be very low or none.
  • You can also trade outside traditional market hours.

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