“Moving Forward with Excellence” – Anzo Capital was being explored in Guangzhou City, empowering every passion for trading.

  • 5 Dec 2023
🎉Moving Forward with Excellence" 🎉

Anzo Capital was being explored in Guangzhou City,

empowering every passion for trading.

On November 11, 2023, in Guangzhou, China, the '2023 Guangzhou Trading Technology Summit' was held successfully. Anzo Capital, as the exclusive sponsor, was invited to attend this event in the city of Guangzhou. At the event, Anzo Capital was warmly applauded and praised by traders for its value proposition of 'Moving Forward with Excellence' and its outstanding and seamless trading environment.

Anzo Capital, established in 2015, is a globally leading forex and contract for difference (CFD) broker. Presently, the company has presences in seven countries and regions worldwide, including London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Taipei (China), Manila (Philippines), Seoul (South Korea), and Abuja (Nigeria). Anzo Capital is strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Belize.


At the event, Anzo Capital, honoured as a guest speaker, introduced the "Moving Forward with Excellence" philosophy and shared about the market quotes and order execution under its 'STP' and "ECN" models. These distinct models stand as Anzo Capital's competitive edge in the industry, maintaining the company's role as an independent 'intermediary.' This ensures clients' advantages remain unaltered, aligning with the core spirit of 'Moving Forward with Excellence'.

In terms of the trading environment, Anzo Capital has established its competitive edge from the source of quotes, dedicating full effort to creating a system that directly connects to top-tier banks and cutting-edge institutions, offering optimal trading liquidity support. Concurrently, Anzo Capital has set up its trading data centre at the Equinix data centre, enhancing order execution speed to 0.06 seconds—achieving lightning-speed execution to streamline every trade.

Since the inception of the Anzo Capital brand, a continuous focus has been on investor education. The exclusive sponsorship of the '2023 Guangzhou Trading Technology Summit' is one of the grand blueprint plans of the Anzo Capital brand, aligning with the vision of 'Empowering Every Passion for Trading.' The initiative 'Empowering Every Passion for Trading' supports traders' trading growth through four avenues, including providing free beginner, intermediate, and advanced trading tutorials to all registered Anzo Capital clients. Dedicated account managers offer crucial data alerts, such as weekly economic calendars and daily important data, assisting traders in seizing opportunities and managing risks. The initiative also involves an in-depth analysis of pivotal data, such as central bank decisions, non-farm payrolls, CPI, and other core indicators. Lastly, regular seminar tours are conducted to address the questions and concerns of traders.
At the conclusion of the presentation, Anzo Capital introduced the latest promotions. These promotions are designed to empower every passion for trading. For more information, kindly visit our official website and submit an inquiry.


About Anzo Capital:

Anzo Capital Group, established in 2015, is a globally leading forex and contract for difference (CFD) broker. Founded by a group of experienced financial professionals, the company is dedicated to providing fixed-income brokerage services for institutional investors and the team boasts a wealth of experience in investment banking and institutional markets. Anzo Capital holds regulatory authorizations and licenses from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FRN: 739550 and the Belize Financial Services Commission (FSC) with license number 000331/469.

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