Anzo 20% Deposit Bonus Campaign


Promotion Period

01 April 2024 – 30 June 2024 (Server Time)

Eligibility of Participation

International, the Philippines, Nigeria, Korea and Taiwan Clients can participate

Applicable Groups


Promotion Details

Clients can apply for 20% Deposit Bonus (Max USD 10,000 per account)

Promotion Requirements and Conditions

  • Only one (1) trading account either STP or ECN account type per Client is allowed to participate in this Promotion.
  • The net deposit calculation will be based on each trading account.
  • The Client can only use the new deposit to apply for this Promotion.
  • The minimum deposit amount to enter this Promotion is USD 500.
  • The total bonus credit amount of each Trading Account (TA) must not exceed USD 10,000.
  • Only when the TA balance is greater than the existing bonus balance, can this trading account apply for new bonuses with new deposit requests. 
  • Internal transfer and withdrawal:
    • Internal transfers will be considered as withdrawals within the Promotion Period. Internal transfers from existing MT4/MT5 accounts will not be used for deposit accumulation towards your credit bonus calculation.
    • Clients are allowed to withdraw at any time during the Promotion Period. However, there will be a 20% deduction on the existing credit bonus for each withdrawal or internal transfer regardless of profits or principal until all existing credit bonus is fully removed.
  • Trading Bonus is NOT losable but can be used as margin.
  • The credit bonus will be credited to the trading account within 7 working days once Client agreed with the Terms & Conditions.
  • Client could request to convert any existing credit bonus to cash balance if the Client fulfilled the following lot requirement. The lots requirement for converting bonus into cash=Amount of Deposit Bonus/2 (Rounding to the whole number).


Amount of Deposit (USD)

Trading Volume * (Bonus/2)

20% Bonus (USD)

USD 500 50 Lots USD 100
USD 1,000 100 Lots USD 200
USD 5,000 500 Lots USD 1,000
USD 10,000 1,000 Lots USD 2,000
USD 20,000 2,000 Lots USD 4,000

*StandardLots:R/T traded

  • The trading products eligible for credit bonus cash balance conversion are Foreign Exchange (FX), Bullion or Spot Crude Oil (XBR & XTI). The trading on other instruments will not be considered towards cash balance conversion.
  • Transactions that are not eligible for cash conversion application:
    • Hedge arbitrage trading
    • Trades that are not accepted by Liquidity Providers
    • Trade is opened in less than 2 minutes.
  • Please refer to the detailed Terms & Conditions

How to apply?

Please send your request to [email protected], or please ask your account manager for advice.

Subject: 20% Deposit Bonus Application

a) Client’s name

b) MT4/MT5 trading account number

c) The corresponding credit bonus

Risk Warning

Leveraged trading in foreign currency contracts or other off-exchange products on margin involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all individuals. It is advisable to exercise caution and consider the appropriateness of trading in view of personal circumstances. Losses exceeding the initial investment are possible. The information provided on Anzo Cap’s Website is of a general nature. Independent financial advice is recommended, and a thorough understanding of associated risks is essential before engaging in trading activities. Utilizing an online platform for trading introduces additional risks.


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