How to join

  • This Refer-a-Friend Promotion (“Promotion”) is only open to “existing client” (“Referrer”) and “new clients” (“Referred Client”) with no existing relationship with “Anzo Capital Limited” (“Anzo Cap”).
  • All Referred Client to Anzo Cap under the Refer-a-Friend Program from a Referrer must not be an existing client of the Company. Reward for Referred Client is restricted to their 1st MT4/MT5 account per customer (Redeemable once only).
  • Referrer Join Date must be earlier than Referred Client Join Date.

How it works

  • Both the Referrer and Referred Client will be eligible to receive the Refer-a-Friend reward when the following conditions are met:
    1. The deposit of the Referred Client has been credited into the Referred Client’s trading account.
    2. The Referred Client’s initial deposit is equal to or more than USD 500.
      • Note: The reward is based on the Referred Client’s initial deposit of USD 500 and cannot be applied to any subsequent deposits made by the Referred Client.
    3. The Referred Client has completed at least 5 trades with a total volume size of at least 5 standard lots on Referred Client’s 1st MT4/MT5 within 90 calendar days.
      • Volume from trading of Stocks CFD will not be considered as the total trading Volume Requirements.
      • Only trades under STP Account are counted towards the Volume Requirements.
    4. If referred client is brought in by an Introducing Broker, he/she must be under the same Introducing Broker that bring in this referred client.
  • The Refer-a-Friend reward amount awarded is calculated based on the Reward Table below:
    Referred Client Initial Deposit Referrer Reward*   Referred Client Reward**
    Minimum USD500 Trading Client – USD 50   Trading Client – USD 50
    Introducing Broker – USD 50   Trading Client – USD 50
    Trading Client – USD 50   Introducing Broker – USD 50
    Introducing Broker – USD 50   Introducing Broker – USD 50

    *The amount of reward paid to either the Referrer or Referred client will be based on the Anzo Capital Backoffice account type (Trading Client or Introducing Broker) of referrer and referred client at the point when Anzo Capital received the notification email.

    **In order for referred client, either Trading Client or Introducing Broker, to received the reward, the referred client must not be under an Introducing Broker or he/she must be under the Introducing Broker that bring in this referred client.

  • To claim the reward, the Referrer must send an email containing the Referrer and Referred Client’s MT4/MT5 account numbers and the corresponding Back Office ID to [email protected] within 90 calendar days from the date that the Referred Client’s Back Office account was activated.
  • Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions

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