Sterling Buyers Return

  • 14 Jan 2019




The USD/JPY pair has made a recovery from a sharp sell-off last week. However, the pair has been unable to break the 108.73 support level.  Momentum indicators have stalled in bearish conditions with RSI testing the 30 support level. 








The EUR/USD pair has begun a strong rally breaking several resistance levels including the 1.153 price level. Sellers returned as soon as the pair reached the 1.153 resistance area. Momentum indicators have stalled in bullish territory with MACD flattening in bullish territory. 





The GBP/USD pair has also made a recovery from the sell-off last week and has broken the 1.269 price level. Strong bullish moves have resulted in the pair moving to test the 1.292 price level. Momentum indicators have maintained an overall upward trajectory with MACD approaching the zero line. 







The USD/CHF pair has rallied once again to begin a bullish break of the 0.978 support level, which has once again sent price action towards the 0.986 resistance line. Momentum indicators are neutral to bearish with MACD extending below the zero line and RSI stalling above the 30 support level.








The USD/CAD pair has pulled back from a long-term uptrend and as a result has broken several support levels to reach the 1.316 support level. The break has been met with buying activity which has taken price action back to the 1.326 price level. Momentum indicators are mixed; with MACD remaining bearish and RSI making a bullish recovery.






A series of doji candles represent indecision as Silver struggles to break through the 15.69 price level. A reversal may be imminent as the pair is unable to break the resistance line. Momentum indicators also suggest a reversal is likely with MACD beginning a momentum reversal and RSI pulling back to test the 70 resistance level. 








Gold has also stalled after a significant rally, still falling short of a recent price high of 1303.94. The metal appears to be taking a pause in the rally as denoted by a series of doji candles. RSI continues to test the 70 resistance area and MACD has flattened in bullish territory. 








WTI buyers appear to be dominating price action with rising buying activity as the commodity climbs beyond $50 per barrel. Momentum indicators have begun a bullish reversal, with MACD approaching the zero line and RSI taking a sharp upward trajectory. 




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